1. Keep It Protected

It is best to keep your wedding dress stored safely and hung in the breathable fabric garment bag it arrived in. Wrapping your dress in plastic could lead to discolouration. Your dress will be perfectly safe stored in the bag until you’re ready to start your alterations! 

2. Store It Somewhere Safe

Make sure the storage location for your dress is temperature controlled without excess moisture, out of direct sunlight and out of reach from little ones or pets.

3. Use The Hanger Loops

If your wedding dress has straps ensure that it is hung by the satin hanger loops attached to the dress. These satin straps are designed to hold the weight of the dress. Over time, the weight of the dress over time may cause the straps to stretch.

4. Try Not To Touch It

We know this one is tricky, try to resist the urge to touch or try on your wedding gown. The oils from your skin can lead to fabric discolouration.

Did you know? At Le Rêve Boutique we will store your wedding gown right up until your wedding day! 

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